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We are a collective group of brilliant videographers, editors, and photographers who specialize in event documentation. 

Our History


We started small, but look how we've grown. 


Like all good stories worth telling, this one starts with a man, a camera, and a dream...

But we'll skip ahead.

Skydive Wedding Films started as a local wedding videography business in Lubbock, Texas. Now, Skydive Wedding Films shoots 40+ weddings a year all over the United States with the latest and greatest in production equipment. We've moved on from the one man with a dream to a team of videographers, photographers, certified drone pilots, and editors. Our office houses multiple editing bays with the latest software to make sure all of our clients have the fastest turnaround times. What started small has turned into a growing business ready to capture the world's most important moments. 




Our Expertise


Always learning. Never settling. Striving for perfection in every frame. 


Skydive Wedding Films isn't a one-man show. Our team mentality is beneficial in every step of the production process.  We're not just videographers, photographers, and editors... We're storytellers. And with a highly skilled production team working together to make your event unforgettable, you can be sure that the memories we capture will be. 




Our Commitment


Sure! It's your day, but don't be surprised when we're just as excited as you are. 


We are a whirlwind of high-fives, a steamroller of laughter and excitement. We "ooh" and "aww" over intimate moments and get giddy when tears fall down grown men's faces. To us, it's cinematic gold, and just like any athlete who made a great play, we celebrate our achievements. We love what we do, and our work reflects that passion. Our commitment is a forever film that really lasts forever! 

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